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So Attracted to the Celebrity Lifestyle

“Celebrity” the word itself explains everything. We all admire, adore and imitate our favorite celebrity once in a lifetime because we want to be like them. Perfect physique, dressing, makeup and oh! Those photographs we keep on admiring for days. We sometimes get so obsessed that the pictures become a huge part of our phone gallery or even our profile pictures on social media. The person suddenly becomes an idol more often because of the celebrity status. I have rarely seen someone going bananas for a non celeb. Oh! Non celeb, it does hurt somewhere, right? Why? Why are we so attracted and enchanted by them? What is it with them?

Admit it, we actually are. Yes, that’s my favorite celebrity but I so wish I had a life like her. The biggest perk of being a celebrity is ginormous amount of money and with money we can conquer the world like not literally but we can reward us with a better lifestyle. We can buy anything without a second doubt, all those expensive brands we wished and planned to buy someday can be bought within a second.

Not exactly in the cupid way, they don’t even know we exist. We try to find a part of us in them and when we come across one having the same demeanor or maybe story like us, we connect to them presto. They begin to matter and their story inspires us to achieve better on our personal front. They make us feel confident.

Our culture is greatly influenced by celebrities, their lifestyle and the movies they act in. No doubt, there is always a responsibility on their shoulders as mass of audience is surely going to follow them blindly. After all, everything comes with a cost. With social media and it’s rampant usage they are everywhere. There’s no need to buy magazines when we can find or like their pictures on social media. People follow their trends, places and even the accent. They somewhere create a wide part of our changing culture and society.

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